Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CA Special Election - Ballot measures and results

At LA Times.

Read below on the ballot issues CA voters are currently deciding on, in addition to casting votes in runoffs for L.A. city attorney and races for City Council, state Senate and U.S. House seats.

CA Special Election Ballot Measures: May 19 2009

» Prop 1A: Rainy Day Fund
The proposition would require lawmakers and the governor to increase the state's rainy-day reserves during boom times to 12.5% of the general fund (the current amount is 5%)
» Prop 1B: Education Funding
This measure would restore $9.3 billion to schools if Proposition 1A passes. Annual "supplemental" payments to K-12 schools and community colleges would begin in 2011 to make up for recent cuts.
» Prop 1C: Modernize Lottery
The proposition would authorize state officials to borrow $5 billion that would be repaid by profits from a revamped California State Lottery.
» Prop 1D: Child Services Funding
This measure would shift about $1.7 billion away from early childhood development programs over the next five years and use it to help balance the state's budget.
» Prop 1E: Mental Health Budget
This measure would temporarily shift about $460 million away from mental health programs over the next two years to help balance the state's books. Redirected money would fund screening, diagnosis and treatment services for MediCal patients younger than 21.
» Prop 1F: Elected Official Salaries
This measure would prevent pay raises for legislators and statewide officeholders in deficit years.

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