Saturday, June 5, 2010

Counting Everyone - Census deploys half million canvassers

Seen a Census worker lately? You're not alone. The 2010 Census reports it has deployed an army of 550,000 canvassers throughout May and into June to make sure as many people get included in this new portrait of America. Canvassers are knocking up to six times on the doors of households who have not yet returned their forms. The greatest number of census workers are in the hard to count areas such as neighborhoods with newer and more mobile populations or multi-family households.

The count will determine political districts, distribution of federal funds, the location of new schools, health centers and retail businesses. When will we know the count? The Census appears to be on track for a more accurate count than in 2000. But we won't get the numbers until they are released for redistricting purposes in early 2011. Stay tuned.

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