Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FILVOTE Aims High in 2011

Although we're only in the second week of 2011, some nonprofits have made their voter engagement goals clear. FILVOTE--the voter engagement project of the Filipino-American Service Group, Inc. (FASGI)--hopes to register 15,000 new voters in Los Angeles county by October of this year. To do so, FILVOTE plans to hold voter registration drives in various cities across the county where concentrated populations of Filipino Americans live.

FILVOTE recently kicked off their 2011 campaign with a voter registration drive during a community gathering to mark the 114th death anniversary and 150th birth anniversary of Philippine National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

FILVOTE hopes that the voter engagement work they do this year will set the stage for broad participation in the 2012 election. Since its creation in 1996, FILVOTE has registered over 25,000 Filipino American voters in LA County and has hosted numerous candidate forums.

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