Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alabama's Homeless Vote

Alabama homeless assistance groups are getting out the vote among their constituents, reports the Montgomery Advertiser, which ran a story this week chronicling a 67-year-old homeless man's desire to register and cast his vote this election season.

"This is really the first time since we've been open that there has been a presidential election," said Beth Marra, director of Family Promise of Montgomery, which is beginning to concentrate on registering its homeless constituents to vote. "It's important to have this available to them because they're still citizens. They're working and struggling to get back to stability, but they should still participate in this process because it is their right and responsibility as a citizen."

Michael Stoops, the acting executive director of the National Coalition for the Homeless, said his organization is asking advocate groups in all 50 states to get people registered. Special drives will be held Sept. 21-27 to register homeless and low-income people to vote.

Visit the Coalition's "You Don't Need a Home To Vote" campaign website for resources on registering homeless populations to vote.

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