Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GOP seeks probe of military voting assistance programs

A group of 35 congressional Republicans has called for an investigation by the Justice Department into the possible disenfranchisement of millions of military service members in the upcoming presidential election.

“We have failed to adequately protect the right of our troops to participate in our democratic process” by not providing adequate assistance to service members and their families who are away from their homes in the United States or overseas, the 13 senators and 22 representatives wrote in an Aug. 1 letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey. “We ask that the DOJ investigate and determine whether the Federal Voting Assistance Program [FVAP] is fulfilling its legal obligations to provide overseas U.S. military service members and their dependents with the necessary information and assistance to register to vote, request and receive absentee ballots, and vote.”

The federal voting assistance program recently revamped its website, www.fvap.gov.


Anonymous said...

So sending people to www.fvap.org which is directed to Republican's Abroad is the correct way to register voters or register republican voters?

Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network said...

Thanks for calling attention to my typo. Correct web address is www.fvap.gov, not fvap.org. Not sure what you mean about Republicans Abroad...fvap.org is a dead link.

But to answer your question, Republicans Abroad (and Democrats Abroad, as well as nonpartisan overseas voting websites) offers absentee ballot and voter registration applications and instructions for download- no need to prove you belong to one party other the other.

I recommend the Overseas Vote Foundation as a nonpartisan site. FVAP's site, though revamped, is still not the easiest site to navigate as a new/overseas voter. Overseas Vote Foundation does the same thing better (for a lot less money).

Anonymous said...

The FVAP website is the place you want to go because it has the correct and most up to date information. Unlike the FVAP, OVF does not have direct access to the states and often has incorrect information. Also, if there are absentee voting problems, it's the FVAP that can solve them, not the OVF.

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