Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Census Bureau Estimates of Federal Funding

Just came across an interesting report from the Census Bureau, "Uses of Population and Income Statistics in Federal Funds Distribution –With a Focus on Census Bureau Data." The report estimates that in 2007 alone, about $435 billion in federal funds was distributed to the states, an estimate that closely matches the Brookings Institution's estimate.
The report goes on to list many of the program funded. Here are the top 10.
Federal Program Federal Grant in 2007
  1. Public Housing Capital Fund $2,493,865,000
  2. Child and Adult Care Food Program $2,303,732,494
  3. School Breakfast Program $2,228,842,422
  4. Federal Transit Capital Investment Grants $2,089,825,532
  5. Child Care and Development Block Grant $2,051,200,000
  6. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance $1,978,500,000
  7. Adoption Assistance $1,942,289,000
  8. Home Investment Partnerships Program $1,715,671,000
  9. Social Services Block Grant $1,700,000,000
  10. Prevention/Treatment of Substance Abuse $1,670,661,450

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