Monday, December 28, 2009

Nonprofit Tagline Report

Vamping up your nonprofits' 2010 Census campaign, voter outreach campaign, or simply reevaluating your communications strategies?

Check out Nancy Schwartz's Nonprofit Tagline Report on building the brand name of your nonprofit initiative. Sections include:

  • The 10 Have-Tos for Successful Taglines.
  • 7 Examples of what not to do.
  • What Makes a Winning Tagline.
  • Over 2,500 Nonprofit Tagline Examples.

Check out her top 3 "Dont's" for nonprofit taglines!

1. Don’t be generic. Be specific and as emotive as possible to highlight a connection
between an individual and your organization.

2. Don’t craft a tagline your organization can’t stand behind 100%. Your
nonprofit has to be able to deliver what you promise. When you do so, your
organization reaffirms its credibility. When you don’t, you lose any you may have.

3. Don’t veer off focus.

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