Thursday, September 9, 2010

Early Voting Options

Depending on your state, early voting can mean two different things:

1. Early voting by mail - often known as absentee voting - is conducted by mail-in paper ballot prior to the day of the election. While all states offer some version of it, there is a great deal of variance in procedure. 29 states offer "no-excuse" absentee voting, while other states permit voters to vote absentee only under a limited set of circumstances.

2. Early voting in person allows voters to cast their ballot before election day by visiting an election official’s office or other satellite location. These voters do not need to offer an excuse for not voting on election day. Early voting is usually available during a period of 10-14 days before the election, typically ending on the Friday or Saturday preceding the election. 32 states currently offer some sort of early voting.

To learn more about the early voting options in your state and to request an absentee mail-in ballot, visit your state’s voter information page on our website,

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Gray said...

Helpful site. Good info. Now if we could get MI to join the early voting group we'd be in good shape.

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