Sunday, September 19, 2010

Young Voters in 2010

Will they turn out or won't they? A recent Rock the Vote poll says young voters are still engaged on the issues that matter for the November election, but an earlier Gallup poll suggesting a decline in young voter enthusiasm.

CIRCLE has a new fact sheet that attempts to shed light on predictions, comparing youth voter turnout state by state from recent elections. In the 2008 presidential election youth voter turnout rose two percentage points compared to the 2004 election, which saw an increase of nine percentage points compared to the 2000 election. This rise in the youth vote in 2008 was not equally distributed among educational, racial, and gender groups. For instance, young white voters made no gains in voter turnout in 2008 while minority youth turnout increased for all groups. (Read more.)

Also check out CIRCLE’s newly re-launched website full of youth voter turnout research and data at

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