Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DC Passes National Popular Vote Law

On Tuesday October 12, District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the National Popular Vote bill. The new law is part of a nationwide effort to award the presidency to the winner of the national popular vote, bypassing the Electoral College. DC adds its three Electoral College votes to those of six other states: Massachusetts (who passed the bill in August), Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington.

However, the Agreement Among the States to elect the President by National Popular Vote only takes effect when it has been approved by enough other states to guarantee that the majority of Electoral College votes would go the winner of the national popular vote. The bill has been passed by states possessing 76 electoral votes, 28 percent of the 270 votes necessary to put the law into effect.

Recent polling shows strong support for the National Popular Vote plan in the District of Columbia (76%), Idaho (77%), Nebraska (74%), South Dakota (75%), Kentucky (80%) and several other states.

Read the DC press release here, and learn more about the National Popular Vote here.

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