Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Creative campaigns: Making Census 2010 education fun

Cast of Telemundo's Mas Sabe el Diablo, a new Spanish telenovela which will feature a Census worker as a character in upcoming Fall 2009 episodes.
"She will be interacting with people who are confused by the process," Telemundo President Don Browne says. "This character will help people understand why the system works ... to try to really make it clear that this is something positive and constructive." (USA Today)

A recent piece from USAToday featured some fun and interactive tactics that Census offices and their local outreach partners are using to get out the word and increase trust around the 2010 Census among traditionally undercounted constituencies, including Latinos and American Indians.

  • Telemundo will be including a new character on its show Mas Sabe el Diablo - a single mother that takes a job as a Census taker (see left).
  • In South Florida, Census partners are considering distributing Chinese fortune cookies with "Make Yourself Count" fortunes in Chinese.
  • In Los Angeles, CA, American Indian youths in a summer training program at Fox Entertainment will write, shoot and produce public service announcements about the Census.
  • In the Chicago region, the Census Bureau has recruited 10 former NFL stars to visit classrooms. They will give out autographed photos that carry a Census message on the back.
  • In Webb County, TX, local Census partners are developing Bingo cards with a 2010 Census logo and slogans in Spanish.
  • The Children's Museum of Houston, TX features a new "Kidtropolis, USA" exhibit, where kids become citizens of this fictitious city. Activities include voting and filling out mock Census forms.

In addition, Local Census offices are setting up social networking accounts on pages like Facebook and Twitter.

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