Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MN Sec. of State Mark Ritchie comments on Coleman/Franken recount

From MPR News.

"Minnesota has led the way in demonstrating that you can have a contentious race and a close election and still be able to conduct a recount in a way that keeps the public informed and encourages trust in the outcome," Ritchie praised in a recent commentary to Minnesota Public Radio News. The recount, he said, ultimately came down to 14 contested ballots, and could not have been conducted so successfully and with such transparency had the state's election system and recount procedures not been crafted so well.

He cautioned, however, that there is more work to do in ensuring the most effective and inclusive electoral process possible. "The 2008 U.S. Senate election has now reached its conclusion, but the most important part of this experience is still to come," Ritchie states. "We need to take the lessons learned as a result of this process, and use them to further improve our already strong elections system"

Read the complete commentary.

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