Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Registering college students to vote: most and least effective methods

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Classroom registration is both the most effective and cost-efficient way to register college students to vote, demonstrates a new study recently featured by the Voting Technology Project.

The study (“I Will Register, if You Teach Me How”) employed randomized field experiments on voter registration techniques at 37 college campuses, its results debunking the idea that email, mail campaigns and mailbox-stuffers are best practices in getting college students on campus to register to vote.

Only classroom mobilization initiatives- led either by professors or students- ended up leading significantly more students to sign up to vote.

Click here to view a PDF.


Peg Rosenfield said...

When I tried to go to the link about which ways work best for getting college students to register, it said that the site does not exist. So what happened?

Rachel Adams said...

Hi Peg! You should be able to click on the above link and download the PDF of the study on registering college students from the blog post dated Tuesday, July 28.

It does however seem that in this month's Nonprofit Voter, which got sent out today, the same link got corrupted and isn't working. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Let me know if you are still having trouble - my email is rachel(at)nonprofitvote.org.

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