Monday, March 1, 2010

Great resources for counting children in 2010

(Dora the Explorer is the "spokesgirl" of the US Census Bureau's outreach campaign around counting children in the 2010 Census)

Hoisted from the Frontera Asset Building Network's recent newsletter, here are some great downloads for learning how any why children need to be counted in the upcoming 2010 Census.

Why Are Young Children Missed So Often in the Census? Download here
A paper providing details on why children are most often undercounted in the Census, what the prospects are for 2010 and suggestions about what can be done to get a more complete count. From The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Counting Every Child So That Every Child Counts. Download here
A webinar presenting an overview of the Census, why children are undercounted and ways you can work in your community to help ensure an accurate count of all children. From The Center for Public Policy Priorities, Texans Care for Children and Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition

Talking Points for Accurately Counting Children in Census 2010 Download here

Counting Children: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers Download here

Poster & fact sheet: Dora reminds you to include all little explorers in the 2010 Census Download here
A great poster using Dora the Explorer to draw attention to why it is so important to count children in this Census. From the U.S. Census Bureau

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